This was 2018

Recycling of household packaging waste in Belgium

Total recycling

724,000 tonnes

92.8 %

of household packaging marketed by members


29 kg


15 kg


17 kg

household packaging waste collected per inhabitant

11,376,070 Belgians

kerbside collection in

589 municipalities

99 %

of packaging was recycled in
Belgium and neighbouring countries

Total cost Fost Plus system

190 million

financed through the sale of materials collected and the contributions of



In 2018, Fost Plus recycled 92.8 % of all packaging that was placed on the Belgian market by our members, an increase of 2.6 % compared to 2017. We collected a total of 724,000 tonnes of household packaging, mainly via kerbside collection. Per inhabitant, we collected 15 kg PMD, 29 kg glass and 54 kg paper-cardboard, including 17 kg of packaging. Total cost of the Fost Plus system amounted to 190 million euros in 2018, financed by the sales of collected materials and the Green Dot contribution of nearly 5,000 member-companies.

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